The world’s most dangerous road The Death Road (Biking Full Day)

At 07:00 You have to be en the office of the company. Stay there 10 minutes before.

At 08:30. Arrival to La Cumbre (4.700 m.s.n.m.), where you are having a Continental Breakfast at the starting point of your ride with choice of tea, coffee, chocolate, mate de coca, bread, butter and jam, everything in good quantity. Then our tour guide will make a short description of the Tour. Detailed explanations will be done on the spot every time it will be necessary.

At 09:10 The guide will give you the equipment and the bike, which are under total responsibility of the client, until they give them back to the guide. We remind that any damage or loss to the bike or equipment will be all charge of the client, according to the price list mentioned in the conditions of contract.

09:30 We start descending on an asphalted road (about 1 hour) riding on the right hand side, and make some breaks in safe areas to gather the group and take pictures. Arriving in Unduavi, we will have to register and pay the entrence fee to the Death Road Bs. 25. There are public toilets.

10:30 We will load the bikes on the minibus and drive to Chuspipata, the entrance of the real Death Road (Because this part is uphill and most of our clients cannot bear the effort, considering that we are at an altitude of 3600 m.)

10:50  Arrival in Chuspipata, where you will start riding on the Real Death Road. Before descending again, our guide will make a briefing about the road and security in order to have a safe ride. In this part you will be riding slower on the left hand side of the road.

11:30 Break in San Juan where you will see nice waterfalls and we will eat the main snacks: Banana, chocolate bar, oreo cookies, yogurt and personal bottle of coca cola.

12:30  arrival in Cerro Rojo, check point where they control entrance ticket to the Death Road.

13:00 End of the ride in Yolosa (1200 m .), then transport to Villa Verde Hotel.

13:30  Arrival at Villa Verde Hotel. You will receive a towel and shampoo to have a shower. Then you will be served a buffet lunch. After that, you may go for a dip in the nice swimming pool or play pool or just relax on longs chairs.

15:30 Return to La Paz.

19:30  Aprox. Arrival in La Paz in the office, where we will provide you a CD with pictures of the tour and the video and T-Shirts


  • Transport
  • Guides (Spanish and English)
  • Bikes (Simple and Double suspension)
  • Equipment
  • Water 1 liter per person
  • Services in Villa Verde Hotel towel, shampoo, swimming pool and Buffet lunch.
  • The CD with photos and video of the tour + T-shirt


  • Entrance fee to the Death Road, which has to be paid in Unduavi Bs. 25.-
  • Drinks in Villa Verde Hotel.
  • Insurance.


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